Speaking Without Words...

22 Sep 2004|Davis Masten

My friend Steve and I trade photos from our camera phones and a host of other digital devices (but mostly via our phones) as a means of communication. We send pictures to each other, often without explanation. The other day I sent Steve a series of photos that show the power of real time pictures.

It was Sunday morning. Steve and I agreed to meet at the Pacific Athletic Club. We had agreed that I would let him know when I headed out for the workout. However I did not know what time I would leave and if it was too early I did not want to wake him or his family. So as I got to my car to leave, I snapped this photo to and sent it to his phone.


When I got to the club, I sent him this shot so he would know I had arrived and was walking in from the parking lot.


Once I got inside, I sent him this next shot so he would know I put my stuff into locker 111.


Steve knew when and where to find me without a word.

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