Oracle Market Research to ignite clients’ desire by joining WPP’s Added Value Group

19 Nov 2004|Added Value

Added Value, a unit of the Kantar Group, WPP plc’s information, insight & consultancy division, has agreed to acquire one of Greater China’s leading market research firms, Oracle Market Research. Oracle sets its mission to be “the research agency that best understands Chinese consumers.”

The new Added Value Group was launched in October 2004 with the merger of two leading market research businesses (Icon Brand Navigation and Diagnostic Research) and one strategic marketing consultancy (Added Value). New Added Value positions itself as a new kind of marketing insight company that helps clients ignite desire for their brands, businesses and people by going beyond the obvious. Areas of expertise cover strengthening brand equity, innovation and communication-optimization. The enlarged group will now have offices in 21 locations in 12 countries on five continents. Clients include Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, SABMiller, Colgate Palmolive, Nissan, BMW, General Motors, Pfizer, Novartis, Allianz, Citi Bank, Lufthansa and others.

According to Magdalena Wong, Managing Director and founder of Oracle Market Research: “After ten years of prosperous growth, building our reputation and earning the support of respected clients, we believe it is now time to take the company into a new and bold era of growth and opportunity. For us that requires joining forces with a powerful global partner. However, we didn’t want to lose the creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit that has made us so successful to date. The Added Value culture and service-approach are perfect as they combine very complementary capabilities: the marketing creativity of Added Value, the brand science of Icon Brand Navigation, and the insight and emotional intelligence of Diagnostic Research. We believe that this approach represents the future of marketing insight and goes much beyond classical marketing research. Not simply supplying clients with facts and information, but coming up with intelligent insight and creative solutions for their most pressing business issues.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Tamara Ingram, CEO of Added Value, said: “China is one of the world’s most important growth markets and therefore a strategic imperative for us.  However, it is also a very demanding market. Chinese clients look for sophisticated and state-of-the-art approaches, requiring solutions that drive their business, not just things which are nice to know.  In Oracle Research we feel we’ve found the perfect partner to enhance and extend our approach into the Chinese market.”

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