Sucking up

02 Dec 2004|Added Value

Reading Lisa’s and few other colleagues’ posts just now reminded me of my own product obsession – my vacuum cleaner. Mine is not just any vacuum, but a big bright yellow muscular Dyson. A vacuum that many of my designer friends covet, since it appears in museums and the pages of ID magazine, while other friends think it’s the most ridiculous thing they’ve seen. To be honest, I was part of the former, and managed to acquire my machine at a design auction. But that was only the beginning of the experience.

My vacuum is truly a well designed product. Why? Because it has transformed a tedious chore (cleaning my house) into a rewarding experience. The color makes me happy, the 18-foot hose let’s me clean places I never could reach, I can see all the dirt I pick up, all of the moving parts are color coded and unbelievably intuitive… and of course, it doesn’t lose suction (as James Dyson so eloquently states in his advertising). To top it off, it’s personally signed by the man himself.

But the best testament was when a friend – one who had been dissing my vacuum – had to borrow it. He was only going to “run it over the rug for a minute” but couldn’t put it down and ended up cleaning his entire apartment. Now he wants to borrow it all the time. It’s almost an obsession.

My Dyson doesn’t just clean, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love my vacuum cleaner. That to me is the definition of good design.

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