Tivo my commute, please

02 Dec 2004|Added Value

Okay…I just have to…one more post about Tivo…

I’m undeniably hooked. The day our refurbished Tivo arrived on our door step I honestly wasn’t quite sure what all the hype was about, and it’s now been ten weeks.

A move to the other side of the city recently caused me to abandon my Tivo. It’s been about a week and we’re almost settled, but we’ve decided not to get a phone line in the new house which has made setting up the Tivo next to impossible. Even with an adapter for it that taps into your wireless Internet connection to get programming information, you still need to take it “to a neighbor’s house” to initiate it for your zip code. Guess that’s one way to meet your neighbor.

In all honesty, I still can’t really put my finger on what’s driving this obsession with Tivo. Apart from watching my two favorite shows each week, I spent virtually all of my time deleting shows that others would add to the Season’s Pass list.

Is there anything else in my life that behaves so reliability? Is there anything else that does such a remarkable job of filtering out unwanted crap? My vacuum definitely operates with less efficiency.

So, when is someone going to figure out that I also want to Tivo my online shopping…my ever-expanding reading list…my commute in the morning…my live entertainment?

Some marketers would tell you that there is inherent risk in filtering experiences this way… the logic being, if you’re never exposed to things beyond your existing purview, how will you learn? How will you grow? How can an experience be fulfilling if you’re not learning and growing?

Now I think that idea is somewhat mythical. Personally speaking, I’m perfectly fine tuning into my TV experience with such regularity and uniformity. There is enough free-floating-life-stimulus-brain-food to engage on a day to day basis to keep me steadily evolving.

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