Just imagine

10 Dec 2004|Added Value

I was reading something today that lamented the famous taglines that had been retired this year, namely those of GE and Xerox.

I remember when Xerox first launched its new brand identity and tagline “The Document Company.” At the time I remember thinking it so risky and innovative. The pixeled X – would their customers even get it?! I admired Xerox for stepping out and emerging as a force in the new digital frontier. Well, how things change.

Now apparently their new tagline is “Technology/Document Management/Consulting Serivces.” Yup – that’s inspiring. Is this what our age of honesty and authenticity has brought us? Please say it ain’t so.

On the flip side, GE, who retired their wonderful tag “We bring good things to life” is still moving forward. (don’t you still love that tagline though – I can’t help hearing the jingle). Their new positioning, “imagination at work” works. And they’ve backed it up with a very fun example…

Try out their imagination cubed site. It’s a wonderful online collaboration site. More for fun at this point than serious brainstorming. I played with it with a friend this morning and we had a few giggles. I’m happy that GE still thinks that playing is an important part of imagination and innovation.

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