Ode to the "It" Phone

07 Mar 2005|Added Value

The competition is pretty fierce in the cellular category, right now, with lots of advertising by carriers and handset makers, and new features like multi-megapixel cameras and video recording.

Yet despite all these new bells and whistles, I think all the companies are missing something:

Where is the cool, must-have, “it” phone whose design evokes gadget envy not only among the technocrati, but among the style movers and shakers.?

There is a history here. Remember the Motorola Startac? It was, arguably, the original “it” phone, seen among the rich and famous (and in movies and on tv), and eventually the standard among regular cell users. Not only did it look cool, it worked great! (And the name sounded a lot like “Star Trek” which subtly reinforced its Captain Kirk communicator-like design).

Motorola struck again with its V60 series. A more compact, sleeker heir to the StarTac throne.

Nokia had some good tries, with the chrome-plated, sliding model, and the teeny, multi-colored version featured in the Charlie’s Angel movie, but neither really took off.

Today, there are so many models and brands out there, including LG, Samsung, and others, not to mention Blackberry and Treo.

All these phones can do a lot of cool things, but where is that elusive X-factor?

I got my hopes up when I got a pre-announcement for the Motorola Razr, but it was a lot more impressive on the website than in person, and it just isn’t creating the buzz.

Is the age of the “it” phone dead? (Or am I just obsessed with phone design?)

P.S. Ok so now Motorola is starting the buzz for the Pebl V6… we’ll have to see.

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