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14 Mar 2005|Added Value

Amazing how easy it is to forget that there are opportunities that exist outside of what we think we know. I work for a company that bases its value on this simple idea – you’d think I wouldn’t need a reminder.

My neighbor and I need to replace the fence that separates our yards. I called our contractor, got a bid and passed it along to her. Her first response was, “That’s great! Now we just need to know what kind of fence we want.”

In my mind I’m thinking, “How many kinds of fences are there? You set some wooden posts, nail on a few boards and you’re done.” (Again, this coming from me, a designer, geez). Then I began “seeing” fences. Until I began actively observing, I didn’t realize how many options I had. Heaven forbid I hire a professional who’d provide me with a few dozen more. If I’d stuck with my original plan, I’d have an incredibly unoriginal (but cheap) fence. Now I’m inspired to do something better.

I haven’t written for a while because nothing seemed quite new or exciting enough to write about. But this incident reminded me that there is plenty out there that’s remarkable and inspiring – Like the potential for cell phones to support video conferencing (thanks to PDA Dreams ) or the ability to control devices with brain waves . All we have to do is observe.

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