Trends - how they travel?

14 Mar 2005|Cynthia Chan

How trends move around and materialize in different regions around the world is absolutely intriguing to me. Trends definitely move around in different forms and shapes – they may be industry-oriented (like fashion, automobile, mobile phones, entertainment), or they may be about lifestyles, attitudes, or behaviors.

Technology made communication and physical travel so much easier, faster, and cheaper, and hence, contributed a big part in moving trends around the world.

Here are a few examples I’ve came across recently…

A major broadcasting station in Hong Kong is making their own adapted version of the American Idol – “Just One Ding”, where contestants stay on the stage until the judges “ring the bell.” Even American Idol was not actually air in Hong Kong, people are very aware of the show. Minutes after William Hung’s audition (Hung was born in Hong Kong) was aired last season, his story was flying all over the place in Hong Kong, including radio talk shows, e-mails, IMs, chat rooms, etc. All this leads up to the production of a similar show format.

And yesterday, I read about a game called “traction ball” (from a Chinese newspaper) which made its way from the Beijing parks to Hong Kong and a number of Asian countries. I have heard it has popped up in the US and Europe too.

How about a Taiwanese TV drama that was based on a Japanese manga (comics) which got very popular in China, Hong Kong and Singapore? Interesting enough, it made its way back to Japan (dubbed in Japanese) recently as well.

I am sure trends will travel even faster, and possibly on a bigger scope, in the near future. I am sure you will be able to visualize how trends materialize or manifest itself in different places or cultures if you put some feelers out!!

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