Faces in China

29 Mar 2005|Cynthia Chan

When you flip through magazines, zap through TV channels, or even walk around town, in China, it is not hard for you to spot lots of faces in various ads, commercials and billboards. You may not find these faces familiar but they definitely send messages out to the Chinese population in China.

Celebrity endorsements and the use of spokesperson were popular in Greater China for years, and they span across almost every categories of products and services, from skin whitening products, digital cameras and mobile phones, to refrigerators, air-conditioners and cars. There is more and more variety injected in the recent years as far as who marketers use as their spokesperson.

In the past, celebrity endorsements mostly featured in-country entertainers. But now, we can easily spot Korean actress, Choi Ji-woo, featured in the latest DiorSnow commercials, or Hong Kong singer, Sammi Cheung, in the SK-II ads. Other than entertainers, marketers are also signing on popular sports figures as their spokesperson. Two-time Olympic platform diving champion, Tian Liang, is the spokesperson for Amway and Bausch & Lomb (but whether him being expelled from the national team a month ago is going to impact his spokesperson deal is still unknown).

Marketers are getting more and more sensitive to consumers’ needs, and they are also very conscious of how effective it is to put familiar faces in their commercials. They are carving out campaigns to reach out to various segments, and further strengthening it with tying their products or services to lifestyles their target customers are striving for. It will definitely be interesting to see where marketers will take celebrity endorsements to the next level as technology continually opens up the world.

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