H&M Uses The Force

18 May 2005|Leah Hunter

I scored tickets to a Star Wars opening! It’s a regional sneak-preview, not the whole Hollywood red carpet shebang. But still. I get to see the movie before 98% of the population, and that makes me giddier than a juiced up Jawa.

Like everyone else in the world, I am drawn to the idea of exclusivity, though I have rarely had the chance to rub up against it in the popcorn line.

I’m not talking American Express Black Card invitation-only exclusivity. (Although, having worked on the conceptual team that dreamed up that card, I am keen on the idea.) I mean eBay buy-it-now frenzy, Ben & Jerry’s seasonal flavors, or best of all H&M’s here-today-gone-today merchandising.

Hennes & Mauritz were right on target when they created that revolving door strategy. They recognized way back in 1947 that best stuff is usually hard to get, and they made an art out of getting the best stuff. (That is, if you define best as inexpensive, reasonably well made, and designed to the hilt.) H&M’s latest coup: a one-time-only, 40-piece collection by Stella McCartney. This high-fashion partnership will be the second for the Scandinavian label, a follow up to last year’s Lagerfeld limited edition line—a collection so rare and coveted that it nearly caused rioting in the aisles.

Just announced this week, the McCartney collection is slated for November. That’s just about the same time as the grand opening gala of the San Francisco H&M store. If only I could get a private pass…

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