Musical marketers

18 May 2005|Christoper Ireland

One of the benefits of living with a 12 year old girl is that I get a daily dose of pop music, whether I want it or not. Without this frequent exposure, I might forget that musicians have been creating meaningful experiences for their “consumers” for thousands of years. The top performers are masterful marketers.

If I was looking for a VP, Marketing or a senior creative director (and money was no object), I’d hire Gwen Stefani. Based on her top-rated video Hollaback Girl, this is a woman who knows how to turn a highly segmented audience into a cohesive whole. In a 2 minute message with very few words, she manages to be relevant to street gangs, athletes, band members, Japanese women, cheerleaders and potential pageant queens from the South.

Here’s a few more I’d hire..

If I was searching for a head of communications, I’d look no further than Anna Nalick. Her rendition of Breathe, particularly the middle part of the performance, is a stunning example of raw, honest emotion delivered with few words and no special effects.

For my design lead, I’d tap Destiny’s Child . Their video, Girl, is visually arresting from start to finish. The color palette alone is worth watching.

Finally, for my head of PR, I’d track down Gary Brolsma, creator of the home-made video Numa Numa Dance . Gary has generated world-wide buzz by lipsynching from his desk–try to find that feat on your average MBA resume.

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