15 years ago

06 Jun 2005|Christoper Ireland

Fifteen years ago, we got a call from a small company in Redmond called Microsoft. They needed some help with their packaging for a new version of Windows. We were happy to help, even though we were all happily using Apple PCs at the time.

The next decade and a half whizzed past as we worked with one project team after another: Encarta, Word, Excel, Schedule+, Access, PowerPoint, Cinemania, Office, FrontPage, SQL, MSN, Passport, Outlook, Project, Optical mouse, ergonomic keyboard, SharePoint, Exchange, SmartPhone, OneNote, XBox, and more. We helped with software development, hardware development, positioning, messaging, branding, support manuals, even internal communications (and as needed, career counseling).

Keeping up with the breadth and depth of expertise this relationship demanded has been no easy trick. But we’ve done it, and as a result, we can celebrate this 15th anniversary with the relationship in very good shape, supported by at least a dozen very talented Cheskin folks and backed up by a history of over 500 projects, many of them global. Of course, we wish we would have traded our services for stock back in 1990–but, we’re just as happy and confident to own it now.

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