Beijing -- day one

06 Jun 2005|Cynthia Chan

I flew into Beijing yesterday evening. Even though I’ve been traveling to China for many years, it’s reinventing itself so fast, I can never get complacent about what I know. If China were a corporation, we would all be in awe at how rapidly and pervasively they are innovating. Here are a few interesting changes I picked up in Day 1:

– the city is clearly gearing up for the 2008 Olympics. I’ll write more about that later this week.

– private companies are starting to offer health insurance (versus state-owned ones as before). This could be

the leading edge of other similar changes from state-sponsored industries to private.

– Korean brands seem to enjoy a much higher exposure than in past visits (particularly, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai)

– education is still one of the key activities parents value, and it is starting at an early age. There are hundreds of books and educational materials dedicated to children and students. I even saw a book of riddles and IQ-boosters for toddlers.

Stay tuned–more to come!

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