Brain Candy

08 Jun 2005|Christoper Ireland

Denise is building a blog roll to add to this site soon, and in this role, she’s getting input from all of us on what blogs we like to read. My top three were easy to list, but not as easy to explain why I like them.

One is Corante’s The Loom, which describes itself as a “blog about life, past and future.” As ambitious as that seems, it’s an accurate description. In a recent post, An Inordinate Fondness for Beetle Horns, I was captivated by a DNA analysis that explained how, when and why beetles grow mutliple shapes, sizes and colors of horns. Why did this interest me? I don’t know, but some time soon this knowledge will come in handy.

Another favorite is Deep Freeze 9, authored by Pierre DeVries. Pierre is wonderfully ecletic, but very consistent in his values and perspective. His latest post, The Rosary, iPod and Aerobics is a good example of his ability to find and explore questions all around him. He generally inspires me to think more carefully and thoroughly.

Another fav is Marginal Revolution, promising “Small steps toward a much better world.” That promise alone would get my attention, but the blog does a very good job of briefly highlighting important, contemporary issues. It doesn’t dwell too long on any topic, but a quick daily scan makes me feel better informed and connected.

In essence, I guess that summarizes what I’ve come to value in the blogs I read regularly. They’re like good, smart friends who feed me new info, new ideas, new perspectives in bite-sized pieces just as they’re needed or wanted. I can only hope our blogs do the same for others.

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