The other side of the story

08 Jun 2005|Davis Masten

Yesterday we released our latest Global Market Bias study. It has been great collaborating with Paul Strasser at MSI-ITM and Clement Mok of CMCD. I would not have guessed that LG is one of the world’s most extendible brands. I like to think I don’t have a US point of view, but once again, data is forcing me to break through the limits of my perspective.

We included a variety of provocations in the report. These provocations were based on what the 12,000+ consumers told us (not what the manufacturers themselves may or may not have any intention in doing.) There is fun stuff like Sony automobiles, McDonald’s hotels, LG food products and Kraft kitchen appliances.

Over the next few days I will share with you three provocations that did not make it into the report. These provocations are not even based in the data, but, rather are inspired by the data and the collaboration. Clement Mok made these provocations take form. I love working with great designers.

Are these in Starbucks future?

starbucks for blog.JPG

These are fictitious illustrations of possible scenarios. They are not in any way TRUE representation of the company’s products or intentions.

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