14 Jul 2005|Christoper Ireland

I blogged recently about adding podcasts to my life. The Daily Podcast offers a good overview of what’s happening in this space for those interested in more details.

Unlike most of the technology products or services I try, this one is actually changing my behavior. I don’t know how long it will last, but I actually look forward to my morning workout now because I get to listen to new podcasts downloaded overnight. When I was in college, one of my favorite activities (along with cheap beer night) was to wander the library aisles and randomly read passages from books. For me, this type of spontaneous information adventure was blissful, and listening to podcasts comes as close to recreating it as anything else I’ve done.

Although I’ve chosen the categories to match my pre-set desires, the podcasts themselves are wide ranging. This morning I was treated to a discussion of the physiology of orgasm, an interview with a woman struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and a talk by film maker David Lynch on the power of mediation. With that start, it’s going to be hard to have a boring day.

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