Training for Hispanic Marketing

28 Jul 2005|Felipe Korzenny

Very often I get phone calls from friends and colleagues in the advertising and marketing industry asking if I know of someone that can manage an advertising account from a Hispanic perspective, or if I know a brand manager that can manage a brand directed to Hispanics.

There is great demand and little supply of Hispanic marketing professionals. Not that the marketer needs to be Hispanic but that they need to understand the nuances of marketing to Hispanics in the US.

At Florida State University we will soon launch, officially, the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication .

This Center is the first of its nature in the United States. It provides:

a. Education and research opportunities for students

b. Valid and unbiased Hispanic market information

c. Partnerships with industry with training, research, funding opportunities

The Center offers courses in Hispanic Marketing and also offers a Graduate Certificate and an Undergraduate Minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication. These students will be able to help fill the gap that industry currently experiences.

One of the first products of the Center is the book Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective that will be published on August 26, 2005.

Cheskin, Zubi Advertising, Axeso/The Jeffrey Group, Fry Hammond Bar, Yankelovich, The San Jose Group, AOL Latino, Wing Latino, Leo Burnett, Synovate, Directo, The Food Marketing Institute, and Marbo are some of the initial industry supporters of the Center. Supporting education and research is the best way to grow the quality of the Hispanic marketing industry.

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