View from the inside

02 Aug 2005|Christoper Ireland

Building a company is not for wimps. At its best, it is extraordinarily difficult work that depends a great deal on circumstances beyond the control of any one person, or even small team. It’s probably not quite as risky as a slot machine, but it’s close.

I was reminded of this today while listening to HistoryPodcast. The author, Jason Watts, delivers interesting and obscure (at least to me) historical stories about people or events, but he also adds in small comments about the development of his company (which he prefers to think of as a hobby). Today, he mentioned that the whirring sound heard in the background of his podcast came from a $10.99 fan that he would like to replace if donations help out. He’s also reported on how his fan base is growing–he has 150 subscribers so far–and his thoughts on revenue generation (he doesn’t believe in paid subscriptions).

In adding these personal comments, Jason gives listeners a inside view of what it’s like to build a small company. It adds an interesting dimension to his podcasts–one that is surprisingly engaging. I was even tempted to respond to his request that listeners send him their ideas for a logo, but my lack of drawing skills thankfully interceded.

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