Wired Again

22 Aug 2005|Christoper Ireland

I have the first 12 or so issues of Wired magazine. It used to be my Bible back in the pre-dotcom days, but it seemed to lose its way after awhile and I stopped reading it. That is, until my recent vacation.

I don’t know if Wired has improved over the past year or if it just chose August–prime vacation reading time–to beef up its content. I’ll know soon because the August issue was so good that I’ve subscribed again.

Here’s a few articles I highly recommend:

Kevin Kelly’s article We Are the Web starts out reminiscing about the Halcyon days of the Netscape IPO, but quickly progresses to a massive view of the future which he introduces with the simple observation: “The accretion of tiny marvels can numb us to the arrival of the stupendous.” I won’t give the ending away, but whether you agree with his conjecture or not, it will change the way you look at your computer.

John Battelle’s piece on The Birth of Google offers a highly personable insight into the founding of Google from his upcoming book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. The article was brief but engaging enough for me to pre-order the book on Amazon.

Jonathon Keats profile of Xiaowei Zhuang’s work in his cleverly titled article The Deadly Art of Viral Cinema, is a fascinating look at the power and depth of visualization. In the hands of a less talented writer, this content would be overwhelming for most readers, but Jonathan has a simple, direct style that makes deep science accessible.

These three articles were my favorites, but there’s more worth checking out including John Hockenberry’s The Blogs of War and Jeff Howe’s Art Attack. Kudos to Wired for coming back from what had to be a near death experience. Now if they just had a better online presence….

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