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28 Aug 2005|Felipe Korzenny

Felipe Korzenny, Cheskin Co-Founder and Director for the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at FSU, and Betty Ann Korzenny, Former Cheskin Principal and Associate Director of the same Center at FSU, just published “Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective.” Stephen Palacios, Maria Flores Letelier, and Adrien Lanusse Lopez also of Cheskin made contributions to this book. The publisher is Butterworth Heinemann/Elsevier.

This book is about strategic thinking in Hispanic marketing. The size and economic importance of the Hispanic market in the US are attracting enormous attention. The buying power of the US Hispanic market is now larger than the GDP of the entire country of Mexico, and it is the second largest Hispanic market in the world. Businesses and institutions have launched major initiatives to reach this important segment. Yet, the number of qualified individuals who understand the market is small; and many of those already catering to the market still struggle to learn about its intricacies.

This book is a cultural approach to Hispanic marketing. Each of the chapters describes and explains the cultural principles of Latino marketing. Recent case studies help marketers relate to the material pragmatically. The book integrates concepts and practical examples and provides critical guidance to discern between alternative courses of action.

This book is not about repeating well-known statistics, but about the Hispanic market as a cultural target. It takes a profound look at the values, beliefs, and emotions of US Hispanics, which impact consumer behaviour. Each of the chapters has been the subject of public presentations and lectures to marketing professionals. It is their positive reactions as well as the authors dedication to Hispanic consumers which motivated this book.

* The first comprehensive guide to integrated marketing principles for the Hispanic market, the fastest-growing demographic in the United States
* Provides insight, conceptual tools and guidance to marketers on effective positioning of products in this market
* Creates a framework for to delineate the Hispanic market from larger ethnic and cross-cultural marketing approaches

The following reviews attest to the contributions “Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective” makes to the field of Hispanic/Latino Marketing:

“There is no more important segment of the American consumer marketplace of tomorrow than Hispanics, and there is no more important book to read about marketing to Hispanics than this one. Every page delivers an insight worth knowing. Most marketers get it wrong when it comes to Hispanics, leaving an enormous opportunity for first movers who do it right. This book shows the way to get there first. I’ve put it on the Yankelovich short list of must-read books.”
–J. Walker Smith, Ph.D., President, Yankelovich Partners, Inc.

“The Korzennys have accomplished a complex feat in their new book, Hispanic Marketing.
Somehow this powerful and important work satisfies the needs of anyone and everyone that has an interest in the evolution, realities, theories, craft, art and science of US Hispanic marketing. Additionally, it serves to provide insight into the societal and cultural aspects of the US Latino experience. Top level marketers will appreciate the specific action-oriented recommendations and key marketing implications that accompany each chapter. Advertising agency executives from integrated marketing disciplines will value the Korzenny’s depth of experience and objectivity in presenting the many sides to the many stories that make up a day in the life the multi-dimensional US Hispanic consumer. But this is also a wonderful book for non-industry readers to embrace because of the story it tells about the vibrant history and significant future of Latinos in the rich culturally-blended story that is unique to life in the United States.”
— Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, CEO, Enlace Communications

“The Korzennys understand the Latino market deeply and thoroughly. Reading their book is like sitting in one of their seminars and being enthralled by their insights and depth of knowledge. Their writing is especially powerful in that it demonstrates hands-on knowledge of consumers, marketers and Latino advertising agencies. The Korzennys provides actionable answers to frequently asked questions and guidance on how to manage the obstacles in developing effective marketing programs.”
— Hector Orci, CEO/Co-Chair, La Agencia de OrcĂ­ & Asociados

“This book is a must read for not just those engaged in ethnic marketing but for all marketing professionals. Hispanic Marketing provides true insight into the Hispanic market and compelling rationale for addressing Hispanic consumers as part of any organized approach to marketing in the U.S.
overall. This market segment is far too large, far too affluent, and growing far too quickly to be ignored – and yet it is much too rich and distinct as a culture to be communicated to superficially. Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny provide us with salient information, and more importantly, tools and an approach, to unlock the full potential of the
Hispanic consumer. This book is truly a breakthrough in enabling a comprehensive and meaningful understanding of this market.
– Michael Durance, Vice President & General Manager, Telecommunication Systems Division Communications Information Group, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

“During many years of working in Hispanic Marketing I have never seen anything that so clearly describes and understands the complex dynamics of the New America.

The Korzennys have built over many years their reputation as the best Multi-cultural minds of our business. I have entrusted them with many projects in our 10 years of relationship and always relied on their expert advice. This work allows me to confirm once again that they are the leaders of thought I always knew and will continue to lead insight development within the Hispanic Market as they shape the minds of generations to come.”
— Juan Carlos Olivar, Customer Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

“An in-depth understanding of the Hispanic Community’s cultural pillars and biases is the foundation for sound hispanic marketing. And the Korzennys book provides that, and more. It offers a rich and much needed perspective for anyone trying to target US Hispanics by making the crucial linkage between culture and marketing strategies.”
— David Wellisch, Vice President and General Manager, AOL Latino

“Account Planners contemplating how they might grow a brand with the Hispanic consumer will zoom up the learning curve with a read of this book. Planners will also find a very useful guide for the next steps they need to take to collect the category and brand specific insights they need to forge a strong emotional brand connection with Hispanic consumers. And they will be inspired by the many case studies discussed throughout the book.

Marketers approaching Hispanic marketing with vexing questions of language dialect usage, translations, research paradoxes, and even what to call this market, will find well informed guidance on these matters. They will also come away with a good basic understanding of how to bring their brand messages to the marketplace, with a great primer on Hispanic media in the U.S.”
– Denise Fedewa, SVP, Planning Director, Leo Burnett, USA

“The Hispanic market is at once one of the most attractive, yet most misunderstood consumer segments in America. Thankfully, Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny bring years of career wisdom, built on work with America’s top marketers, to dispel long-held cultural myths and stereotypes and to focus on the key cultural drivers for this consumer. It is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in marketing to Hispanics.”
— Dan Nance, President & CEO, Casanova Pendrill

“As a marketer, and as a Hispanic I found the book enlightening and educational. In an environment where there is so much information about the demographics and psychographics of the US Hispanic market, the authors offer a much deeper understanding of how to be successful in marketing to hispanics by going beyond streotypes and generalizations, developing new models and approaches and doing this via a wealth of case studies and a “how to” approach that any marketer or agency will find helpful.”
— Ernesto Levy, Associate Marketing Director,
Procter & Gamble – Household Needs Division

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