Coding a Cookie

25 Oct 2005|Davis Masten

The New Yorker has influenced me all my life. My Mom used to read it. So I was particularly proud to see my friend and colleague, Steve Gundrum, profiled in it last month in a story by Malcolm Gladwell. The article, “The Great Bake-Off,” describes a real project that Steve conceived and led: the development of a new cookie using different approaches taken from technology, primarily open source versus specialized teams.

Steve first came up with the idea to experiment with open source development after hearing it described at the TED conference in 2003. Like a true entrepreneur, he grabbed the idea from one area (after talking with Mitch Kapor) and ran with it in another, getting several notable companies to join him in the experiment. Which approach worked better? The results are too interesting to give away. Read the article or hear Malcolm talk about it in a podcast at

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