Bundling Innovations on the Way to the Airport

26 Oct 2005|Added Value

I’m really excited about a new service that recently debuted in New York that demonstrates how a company can create a meaningful, innovative experience by bundling together existing products and services (which are innovative in their own right).

The company: OZOCar, “New York’s 1st Eco-Luxury Car Service”.

At first glance, OZO Car is a car service that uses a fleet of Toyota Priuses, one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars out there. So no more guilt about single passenger trips to and from the airport in gas guzzling Town Cars.

But it gets even better than that.

In addition to the nice feeling of doing your part for the environment, Ozo passengers enjoy many other benefits.

First, because the Prius incorporates both aesthetic as well as engineering design innovation (i.e. it looks like no other car on the road), it’s a breeze spotting your car at the passenger pick-up at JFK or Newark among the sea of black and grey sedans from all the other car services with drivers trying to hold out signs with car #’s while being shooed away by police.

Next, when you step in the car you not only enjoy the cool-looking interior, but Ozo has installed satellite radio with the controls in the back seat, so you can listen to your choice of commercial-free stations and change them as often as you like (perhaps in moderation so as not to make the driver batty!).

Moreover, each Ozo car has an Apple iBook hooked up to a high speed internet connection for your use. For those who are so inclined, you can work and check email with a super fast connection in the back seat. I’ve seen Ethernet cables there too, so I think you can even hook up your own laptop if you choose.

Technically, nothing here is new. The Prius has been around for a while, as has satellite radio. Verizon Wireless already markets third-generation high-speed mobile internet access to the business market.

But it’s the way Ozo has combined these services and products to turn an often-dreaded experience (the trip to the airport) into a unique and highly differentiated one. And for the same price as comparable traditional car services.

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