17 Nov 2005|Jennifer Grey

Thanksgiving nears. My gratitude list includes plenty of entries about life at Cheskin and how fortunate we are. Everything we set out to do 11 months ago is taking shape and coming to fruition — larger projects, more complex, broader in scope, strategic in nature, and focusing on innovation. Our intentions around recruiting have also paid off: raise the bar and hire thoughtully and carefully.

As we assess our opportunities for the new year, we’ve created several openings for new Cheskinites. Read on…

Is there anybody left who is still not convinced that knowing Hispanic consumers is essential? We’re in need of solid strategic directors to work in our intercultural studio.

As innovation and product development research continues to increase, we are also hiring consultants in New York and the Bay Area.

And, if you prefer to sail your own ship, our freelance research or design opportunities may be the ticket.

In addition to recruiting, it’s year-end time in employee experience – this means benefits, budgets and plans for 2006. So, be patient when you send a resume to, and please say which job interests you and your desired location. If it looks like a fit, we’ll be in touch for an initial phone call before in-person meetings.

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