Starting fresh

03 Jan 2006|Added Value

I love the new year – a chance to look at what was accomplished… and what wasn’t; what worked… and what didn’t. It’s the opportunity to course correct, build on success and start fresh with a renewed sense of what’s possible.

We’re fortunate that we’re starting out of the gates with great momentum – a new website (please feel free to take a look around) and a new book (on store shelves in a few days). Like a good race strategy though, the key will be in a careful plan and a moderated pace that will keep us on track and not too burned out before the end.

However, I don’t believe in slow and steady wins the race either. You have to make room for spontaneity and unforeseen opportunities – that’s where you learn and that’s what makes it all fun. So what is Cheskin making room for in marketing this year?

Well, another book for one (stay tuned – can’t give away much more at this point) and a vivid video profile of the Hispanic Teen market. We’ll be doing things that will provide more breadth and depth to the concept of Meaningful Experience and its business value. Darrel and others will be speaking at numerous conferences in the US and abroad. And of course we’ll continue our emphasis on blogging, especially considering its growing influence, hopefully extending this to podcasting this year.

I’m always excited about the opportunity to showcase a company whose talents I admire. Here’s to a prosperous new year!

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