Cheskin's New Book: Meaningful Experiences

22 Jan 2006|Terri Ducay

The Wonderful World of Disney was a staple of my TV childhood, as most of my baby boomer friends will attest to. Every Sunday I would camp out on the living room floor a half hour or more before the show started and wait eagerly for Tinkerbelle to appear on screen, a signal that the show was about to begin. Little did I know the future impact of this show and Walt Disney’s genius would have on me.

Fantasia, which brilliantly used the music of Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, led to my love for classical music. The incredible animation in Cinderella and Bambi gave me an appreciation of art and design which led me to Cranbrook, where I completed a master’s degree in design. Disney’s use of technology to create vivid works of imagination made me see the power of technology and engineering, and once I fell in love with it, I moved to the Silicon Valley.

But most of all what Walt Disney gave me was the magic of storytelling and the power it has to spark one’s imagination into creating meaningful experiences.

This week Cheskin holds it’s book party for our newly published book: Meaningful Experiences. The book is important for people in all industries, but I would argue that it is especially of value to the rapidly changing entertainment industry. New opportunities to create products that design individual experiences, something that traditional means could not do. The book explains how experiences, like my experiences with The Wonderful World of Disney, have a powerful effect on people, and that it is these experiences that shape meaning into our lives.

I wonder whether, those stories of the magic kingdom, woven in my living room through the television screen have had the same impact on me as I grew up, had I been able to download the video onto an iPod? Hard to say, but I do know that the time I spent sitting on the floor in front of the TV anxiously waiting for Tinker Bell to appear was a big part of the magic.

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