Dreyer’s: Slow Churned®: Letting Customers Know What’s Good for Them

25 Jan 2006|Added Value

Dreyer’s makes premium ice cream and frozen dairy desserts under its namesake brand for distribution in western states, and under the Edy’s brand name elsewhere in the US. The company was the first premium ice cream maker to tap the “better-for-you” market, introducing Dreyer’s Grand Light in 1987, followed by frozen yogurt and fat-free ice cream lines.

The Opportunity
In order to reach the company’s ambitious goals, Dreyer’s VP of Marketing for Premium Brands was intent on optimizing his brands’ growth. In particular, he felt Dreyer’s Slow Churned® Ice Cream had the potential to become the company’s top-selling brand.

The client came to Cheskin with an interesting dilemma—how could Dreyer’s position and message the Slow Churned® brand in a way that speaks to both indulgence and health? The product was based on a new technology that really improved the taste while cutting calories and fat, but how could this be communicated in the few seconds a package has to influence a consumer at the store? And how could it do this without cannibalizing its other “light” ice cream brands or its other premium lines?

Cheskin’s decades-long experience creating and refining brand identity elements made us a good fit for this challenge—even before we were won over by the product’s taste.

Our Contribution
Using a team with a strong grounding in brand identity, Cheskin started with pre-design work to understand people’s perceptions of the Slow Churned® product and its brand elements. We investigated a range of important design details, including the appetite appeal of the imagery, color and typeface. We looked at the size and prominence of the Dreyer’s brand in relationship to the Slow Churned® brand, the impact of the messaging, and the customer’s experience of the product versus their perception from the package. All of this was done to foster strategic and tactical discussions between ourselves, the design firm Thompson Design, and Dreyer’s management. All of us shared the goal of enhancing customer’s perception and experience of Slow Churned®.

The Results
Using these and other insights, we helped Dreyer’s optimize its packaging to communicate healthy indulgence and to appeal to the broadest market possible. The brand continues its rapid climb in sales and popularity without eroding Dreyer’s other offerings.

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