Meredith: Siempre Mujer: What Do Young Hispanic Women Want?

25 Jan 2006|Added Value

The Opportunity
Meredith Corporation, publishers of Better Homes & Gardens, features 24 subscription magazines, 150 special interest titles, and numerous custom publications in its magazine division. It is one of the ten largest media corporations in the United States and the second largest consumer magazine publisher in the country.

To continue its leadership position, Meredith acquired Gruner & Jahr, a rival publisher whose portfolio included several Hispanic titles. This opportunity allowed Meredith to become the leading publisher of Spanish language women’s magazines, addressing every stage of a woman’s life.

Launched in Sept. 2005, Siempre Mujer is designed to appeal to young Hispanic women.

In 2003, Meredith laid the groundwork to understand Hispanic women and partnered with Cheskin to explore not only marketplace dynamics and Hispanic media needs, but also opportunities derived from existing revenue models and strategic relationships within Meredith.

Cheskin’s task at that time was to supply Meredith with a directed, actionable and high-level summary that explored the challenge in a comprehensive way.

Our Contribution
Cheskin developed an integrated research program that included Meredith’s various divisions and brands: print, broadcast and online, their business models, objectives, revenue streams and structures; its corporate partnerships; the nature of the marketplace; and most importantly, Hispanic consumers’ media-related motivations and behaviors.

To understand the latter, Cheskin conducted bi-lingual qualitative and quantitative studies where several things were discovered:

  • How and why Hispanic consumers search for and use specific media content to fulfill functions in their lives
  • Their awareness of mainstream, crossover, and Hispanic-specific publications and what they were drawn to in each
  • How Hispanic females differ from other groups with respect to magazine readership, expectations and preferences

The results of the integrated research program allowed Cheskin to provide insights on maximizing Meredith’s outreach to the Hispanic market, including its home selling network relationships, content relevance and design appeal, and co-branding opportunities to leverage other brands in Meredith’s portfolio.

The Results
Meredith Corporation’s decision to invest in research and Cheskin’s strategic insights resulted in a strong platform for Meredith and its entry into the Hispanic market. Meredith developed a new division to spearhead Hispanic and multi-cultural initiatives, and with this, created a new title: Siempre Mujer. The title launched in September 2005 and it incorporated a distribution strategy highly relevant to its target audience.

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