Digital Ethnography Finds New Connecting Points

26 Jan 2006|Added Value

Long gone are the days when a company could reliably build consumer loyalty through traditional advertising or PR. While traditional tactics for gaining consumer awareness and positioning brands are still relevant, they don’t consistently unlock the doors to the development of deep and meaningful customer relationships.

Technology is one of the biggest catalysts in consumers’ changing relationships with brands. Because of technology, consumers have more power over their interactions with brands. They are using text messaging, blogging, online communities and digital capture devices to engage with brands in different ways as well as share information and communicate about them.

Digital ethnography is a methodology Cheskin has invented and pioneered to understand these changing consumer relationships better. At the same time technology is evolving consumer relationships with brands, it is also creating new connecting points for understanding them. Digital ethnography leverages new forms of technology to understand consumers faster, deeper and in more relevant ways.

In the last decade, Cheskin has used digital ethnography to capture and analyze consumer experiences globally. Depending on the nature of the project, digital ethnography has allowed us to get into consumer situations we would not have been exposed to traditionally, conduct global work more efficiently by capturing and analyzing people’s experiences real-time, and share information as it is being created across diverse teams. The potential of digital ethnography is immense, and we’re constantly inventing new ways to satisfy our clients using it.

I’ll be speaking about digital ethnography in more detail at ESOMAR’s Brandmatters conference in NYC between February 8-10. Hope to see you there!

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