Electrolux: Becoming Aerus: Making a Clean Sweep

27 Jan 2006|Added Value

The Opportunity
Electrolux has always been about “clean.” They needed a new name and a newer vision that would carry them forward and allow them to expand in the US.

Our Contribution
Cheskin used a variety of approaches to understand the meaning behind cleaning for consumers. Through in-depth customer interviews and ethnographic techniques, as well as interviews with our client’s management, a deeper core concept became clear.

However, it wasn’t just ethnographic techniques; an understanding of market segmentations, industry trends, product landscape, and the needs of the sales force gave us the ability to see the larger vision.

To articulate this new positioning, Cheskin brought together world class product design and branding firms, Lunar and Addis. Working in collaboration with the client’s CEO and these firms, we provided the direction to develop new branding, positioning, and products based on this customer-inspired insight.

The Result
Electrolux became Aerus, a company focused on healthy living, not just floor care.

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