Making informed business decisions

29 Jan 2006|Joanne Mendel

Organizational decision making is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. Experts (with specialized knowledge) and decision makers (having awareness of the business context in which knowledge is applied) need to work in an integrated way to improve decision making.

We don’t have to look far in any organization to find evidence of this today. From the vantage point at Cheskin, working with complex data that leads to customer insights and product & market opportunities; gets us only part of the way to helping clients achieve objectives which are rooted in why they’ve engaged us in the first place. They want to be able to use those insights in ways that help them to make informed business decisions.

Our Data Synthesis & Design studio emerged from addressing a need for effectively communicating specialized knowledge from our experts to our clients. By nature, communicating knowledge from one person to others is somewhat like a chain link fence; unless each link is strong, the link will break where it isn’t. Weak links in an organization can mean people aren’t effective and plans are flawed in their execution. So we’re not only concerned with communicating to our clients, but doing so in ways that can be easily applied, shared and accessed, throughout their organizations.

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