Added Value pioneers Emotional Brand Connections

21 Mar 2006|Added Value

Unveils a unique new methodology that enables you to understand how your brand makes people feel

Added Value has taken neuroscience and applied it to marketing, resulting in a new approach that gets right to the heart of how brands work.

Called Emotional Brand Connections (EBC), this new methodology enables marketers to determine the impact that their brands have on consumers, and as a result, develop more effective, clutter-busting solutions. EBC was developed by D/R Added Value (formerly Diagnostic Research), Added Value’s US business, and is now being adopted across the Group.

Mark Weeks, Group R&D Director for Added Value, and the originator of the EBC approach, explains it as follows: “Most Brands aim to be customer-centric, but many approach market research by asking brand-centric questions. We are all faced by thousands of decisions every day, and what we know from neuroscience is that the way we  decide is by sub-consciously selecting the option that makes us feel the way we want to feel. The key to our new approach is that we have established a means of quantifying how brand experiences make consumers feel, and this is hugely significant not just for telling us about what matters to consumers, but – more significantly – what all this means for creating great brands”.

EBC works by measuring the nature and intensity of the feelings aroused in consumers when they envision using a brand, following exposure to a brand stimulus. This can be an advertisement, a new product concept, a service experience or any other brand touch-point. The methodology allows Added Value to plot how different aspects of the brand experience make consumers feel and offers insight into better ways to connect with the consumer.

The difference between how people feel about brands, and how brands make people feel, is best illustrated by a simple example. In a survey which asked consumers their view of Porsche 911 drivers, only 27% of respondents declared them to be “cool”; but in sharp contrast, 89% agreed it would be their lucky day if they were given an unexpected chance to drive that car.

“Ultimately, what matters is not what consumers think about a brand, but how they anticipate the brand experience will make them feel, which is why we think EBC will help unlock many of the marketing problems that have eluded brand owners to date. What we have developed is more than a methodology – it’s a powerful approach which is relevant to any brand marketing challenge,” says Angus Porter, Global CEO of Added Value.

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