Hispanics and Entertainment: Insights for Culturally Relevant Marketing

30 Apr 2006|Added Value

Presented at the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility 11th Annual Symposium on Corporate Responsibility

Perceptions of work, time, and the sequence of events in life depend on the cultural orientation of people. For some, play and work are distinct and separate activities, for others these are more integrated.

Hispanics are more likely than other cultures to integrate the different dimensions of life, such as work and play. Hispanics play while they work and work while at play. They are less likely to organize their life in a linear way.

Part of the play life of Hispanics is media exposure and interaction. The media environment of US Hispanics is of fundamental importance in that it reinforces, shapes, and interacts with Hispanic culture in dynamic ways. Understanding the entertainment and information environment of this culture has important implications for marketers in establishing a bond with Hispanic consumers.

To better understand these implications, Cheskin collaborated with People en Español to conduct the Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) three times. This latest study is one of the largest studies addressing a wide variety of Hispanic behaviors and attitudes, and key segments addressed entertainment and media.

 Hispanics and Entertainment Report

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