NCLR: Branding for the Future of Hispanics

26 May 2006|Added Value

NCLR, the National Council of La Raza, is the most respected Hispanic advocacy organization in the United States.  After over 20 years of leadership from its renowned founder, NCLR brought in a new president in 2005. As with many founder-led iconic brands, NCLR’s new president was faced with some key marketing opportunities:

  • How to assess the brand’s strength, awareness, and key attributes across its wide set of constituencies;
  • How to transition a brand that was so closely associated with a charismatic founder to more of an institutional brand;
  • How to increase relevance in a changing environment;
  • How to successfully market a non-profit.

Our Contribution
Working collaboratively, Cheskin gathered insights about the current brand in order to better position the brand for the future. The process included an analysis of key internal and external brand stakeholders, including:


  • Senior staff
  • Employees
  • Board of Directors
  • Corporate Board of Advisors – (mostly Fortune 500 CEOs, SVPs)
  • Affiliate partners (over 300 nationally)


  • Members of Congress
  • Key Media (Hispanic and non Hispanic)
  • Latino population (various geographies and levels of acculturation)
  • Influential Hispanics (including former Cabinet officials)
  • Former NCLR Board members

The Results
The deeply comprehensive analysis, sponsored by the (now former) President and COO of Ford Motor Company, has led to important refinements of the NCLR brand, marketing, and communications strategy.  The institutionalization of the brand has already started to be seen in such events as the NCLR Alma Awards, key speeches and presentations, and other executions.

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