World Cup's Everywhere in China

11 Jun 2006|Cynthia Chan

I flew into Pudong around 6:30 PM yesterday night. Everywhere I looked were signs of the World Cup–even though it’s taking place thousands of miles away in Germany. As we landed, I saw planes from Lufthansa and Emirates decorated with the World Cup decal. The nose of the Lufthansa plane was painted to look like a soccer ball. As I headed into the city, billboards with World Cup sponsorships were everywhere and on the street, Chinese were wearing t-shirts from the teams they support. Pubs and restaurants have hauled in the latest plasma screen TVs to accommodate fans and there’s plenty of content to keep them happy. In my hotel, I wrapped up the evening switching from one station to another–more than half of the channels were covering the World Cup in one way or another. If this is how China reacts to the World Cup, imagine the receptions they’ll give to the Olympics in Beijing.

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