Hispanic Teens Are The New Avatars of Cool

12 Jun 2006|Added Value

Cheskin Reveals Growing Influence of “Intraculturalism” in “Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens in Their Own Words”

Redwood Shores, Calif. – June 12, 2006 – Hispanic teens may be the single most important segment for future-oriented marketers to understand. Why? Because they provide rich insights into larger issues affecting the future of the American consumer identity, including the influence of ethnicity and culture. They also represent the future direction of the 43 million strong U.S. Hispanic consumer market. And with a current spending power of $20 billion and a projected growth rate six times higher than the rest of the teen market, Hispanic teens are a force in and of themselves.

To empower companies to better approach this segment, the innovation consulting firm Cheskin has today released Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens in Their Own Words, an unprecedented video profile of U.S. Hispanic teen lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors. Produced from over 30 hours of in-depth at-home interviews with more than 30 Hispanic teens, ages 13 to 19 across the US, the profile illuminates key issues in the words of teens themselves. Hearing and seeing them in their homes through the lenses of Snippies video journalists provides an emotive and realistic context for understanding.

Predominantly bilingual and bicultural, Hispanic teens in the U.S. are complex, celebrating their ethnic identity and effortlessly combining it with mainstream teen culture. They are addicted to MySpace.com and glued to mainstream TV, but have the advantage of choice – engaging with Spanish language media as long as it validates who they are. They find value and security in both their social network of friends and their family connections.

“Currently, many marketing programs correctly focus on multicultural markets, celebrating distinct cultures for targeted products, services and communications. With youth, we believe the trend is toward ‘intraculturalism’ –  the combining, sharing, and recreating of multiple ethnic identity influences,” says Stephen Palacios, Cheskin executive vice president. “Studying this phenomenon in Hispanic teens can provide insights into not only this segment, but how this ethnic variable is playing a greater role for teens generally, affecting the way youth marketers structure their approach.”

Nuestro Futuro provides insights from language use to media behaviors, from ambitions to purchase influences. It dimensionalizes three major themes:

  • There are multiple levels of complexity in how Hispanic teens identify themselves. While Hispanic traditions provide grounding, this segment maintains a multicultural, broad worldview and embraces diversity. Family orientation is important, but so is establishing their unique individuality.
  • They have influence within their own families as role models and navigators, and as cultural ambassadors with their friends. They are proud of the growing influence of Hispanic culture in the U.S.
  • They are optimistic. While achievement oriented, they also seek life balance and opportunities for altruism. Education is important to them, and they recognize the advantages of their own bilingualism.

Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens in Their Own Words is available in a set of three DVDs. It can be purchased at www.snippies.com/nuesrtofuturo (SKU: RR-2006-01; Price: $5,850.00). The 3-DVD set includes:

  • A 20-minute video profile summary with key themes, insights and recommendations.
  • Three hours of video highlights with insights on language use, cultural meanings, social networks and activities, ambitions, media habits and preferences, style, brands and advertising influence.
  • A written report providing enhanced additional insights, recommendations and market statistics.

More information about Nuestro Futuro and additional offerings can be found by contacting Cheskin at 415.348.0780 x228 or info@added-value.com

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