New Culture of Cool

24 Jun 2006|Christoper Ireland

When I was a young child, no dinner at my grandparents’ house was complete without a stern warning from my grandmother: “Eat your dinner! Children in China are starving!” I never could figure out why eating my dinner had any connection with children in China, but I believed her and for decades afterward thought of the Chinese only in terms of hungry children without enough rice.

That image is gone now. As I and my co-authors, LiAnne Yu and Cynthia Chan have spent the last six months writing “China’s New Culture of Cool,” (available in September), the hungry children have been replaced with the faces of millions of optimistic, ambitious and confident young people who are reaching out to each other and the rest of the world. They’re not seeking food this time—they’re seeking their future.

Over the next few months, LiAnne, Cynthia and others from our China team will post excerpts from our upcoming book along with the personal comments they normally provide. I’m taking a brief sabbatical, but will return in time for the book’s launch.

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