Compared to the US

27 Jun 2006|LiAnne Yu

China is in the news every day, but many business people we meet still don’t have a sense of the country’s magnitude. We think the simplest way to gain that is through comparison. China is geographically about the same size as the U.S., but it has four times the population. It has about 1/3 the rail and highway systems and a tiny fraction of the airports. Despite its lack of transportation infrastructure, it’s home to the only commercial MagLev train in the world. It’s also building modern subways faster than any other country.

In terms of its population of 1.3 billion, roughly half are under age 30. That’s more than twice the population of the U.S.—all under 30 years old.

Still thinking of China as an undeveloped country? It currently has 400 million cell phone users. As of the government’s last report in 2003, nearly all urban households owned a washer, a refrigerator and at least one color TV. More than half of urban households owned an air conditioner and a DVD player. Nearly a quarter of urban households owned a computer. Given the country’s astronomical growth, these percentages are undoubtedly much higher now.

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