Beckham’s missing in action in China

28 Jun 2006|Cynthia Chan

One hot afternoon in May, I was attracted to the crowd as I stepped into the New World Department Store on Nanjing Road. The much-fascinated crowd was mesmerized by the closeness between them and international stars Yao Ming and David Beckham. Flashes went non-stop from their digital cameras and camera phones as they take turns to measure up against Yao or fondly put their arms around Beckham.

Almost everyone in the world knows Beckham is in Germany playing in the World Cup, what I saw was actually his wax figure on display at the entrance of the newly-opened Madame Tussauds’ museum in Shanghai. Attracted by the city’s fast-moving reputation, early discussions and planning of this sixth museum in the world started in 2004.

Sure enough, the museum attracted loads of Shanghai locals as well as Chinese tourists from other cities. Knowing Chinese’s passion of picture-taking, the museum plans a wide range of photo opportunities to suit visitors’ needs. They are even generous enough to let the crowd went up close with Yao Ming and Beckham at the entrance area.

One of my local friends stopped by the following day trying to get a glimpse of Beckham but found that he was gone. The staff says Beckham was sent to the repair shop. I’m guessing he was “melted” by the support of his fans in China! I am sure he will be back in action very soon.



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