The Underlying Engine of Growth is China's New Culture of Cool

25 Sep 2006|Added Value

Cheskin’s new book illustrates how China’s new urban middle class is shaping the world’s fastest growing market

Redwood Shores, Calif. – September 25, 2006 – A hunger for individuality, new experience, social connections and contributing to China’s success are the principles motivating China’s new urban middle class. These 200 million highly influential and affluent Chinese consumers under the age of 30 are the subject of Cheskin’s newest book, “China’s New Culture of Cool: Understanding the world’s fastest-growing market” (New Rider Publishing; ISBN 0-321-45344-1). Authors LiAnne Yu, Cynthia Chan and Christopher Ireland analyze and visually profile this entrepreneurial group whose collective actions are the leading edge of change in China and a significant force in the world’s economy.

China is not a monolithic culture. Though deeply rooted in traditions, its contemporary marketplace is eclectic and hungry for new experience. As they seek opportunities for future growth, global brands and new businesses need to understand the breathtakingly dynamic transformation of China’s consumer population.

“Having seen the Chinese consumer revolution unfold in front of my eyes for the last  10 years, I find this book a must read for any marketer committed to understanding the Chinese consumer experience,” says Bernd Schmitt, author of “Customer Experience Management.”

“This is a guidebook that will clarify navigating this exciting journey through China’s culture of cool created by its youth,” says Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED and eg Conferences. “Technology, food, fashion – are the areas that provide global inspiration for innovation and imagination.”

Focusing on four fundamental aspects of the Chinese consumer lifestyle—style, food, home life, and mobility—the authors show how Chinese culture is rapidly developing into a radically new form. To underscore their belief that this generation is not a homogenous group, they introduce four consumer profiles who bring to life concepts throughout the chapters. “China’s New Culture of Cool” offers a new understanding and a level of predictability about the future of consumerism for brands, businesses and professionals entering the China market.

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