What's a marketer's favourite brand?

04 Jan 2007|Added Value

I’d never thought much about my favourite brand until I burst into tears at Schipol airport last year as some draconian security official threw away my precious stock of Dermalogica skin care products, thinking that they may contain bombs. 

Faced with a very long two weeks without the ritual that gets me up every morning and puts me to bed every night, I realized just how passionate I was about the stuff I slapped on my skin. 

And, as with most Dermalogica users, I’m not just your everyday cleanser/moisturizer girl either.  Cleanser, microfoliant, moisturiser, treatment foundation, special clearing gel for problem areas.  All of it.  I’m hooked.  And because I use it to start my day and to end it, it’s both rejuvenating and relaxing, which you can’t say about a lot of other products.

There’s something about the message of leading edge science combined with natural products (with none of those added fragrances, colorants or other irritants) that fits in with my own philosophy around health and beauty.  It makes sense to me.   

I also really appreciate the fact that you can only get it from skin therapists.  The people who know the most about skin.  Even I can buy into that kind of endorsement.  When someone is sitting there with their magnifying glass analyzing your skin and recommending the type of product that’s going to keep you looking like you for a few more years, it’s pretty persuasive. You see it as an investment.  And recommending products to me in that post-facial buzz is pretty cunning too.   I’m in the right frame of mind to make decisions about what to use on my skin and it also makes me feel like I’m taking that salon experience home. 

Best of all, there are no flowery promises or scientific jargon for why a tiny tube of miracle cream is going to make me 21 again. It’s just an honest and effective product, in simple packaging with a single minded endorsement – that it’s made by dermatologists.

Although it’s expensive, I never get the sense that I’m paying for nothing.  I know I’m not going to look like Keira Knightly, but my face genuinely looks and feels better for using it and I feel reassured that I’ve done the best thing for my skin.

Like Redken or Schwarzkopf, Dermalogica seem to have really managed to get their mix right.  They balance their brand proposition with excellent product delivery and their pricing strategy, although at the ceiling, is probably about right for a premium face care brand.  The exclusive professional endorsement factor just adds to the reassurance that I’ve made the right decision and that my money is well spent. 

I’m pretty serious about caring for my skin. So when I really think about how Dermalogica makes me feel, I’d say having a product that makes me feel in control of that process is priceless.  No other face cream gets close.  I really pity the next security official who tries to get between me and my clearing gel! 

By Ginny Felps, Director, Added Value

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