„Catching the Vibe“– success factor Brand Feeling

16 Jan 2007|Added Value

Published in: Marketing Journal 1-2/2007
Author: Dr.Hildegard Keller-Kern, Christoph Prox

A new process for steering and increasing emotional brand strength.
A day like every other day: wake up and head to the shower – now Dove shower gel or preferably Nivea? Breakfast – Müsli from Kellog’s or Nestle? Let’s do something for the immune system – with Actimel or Yakult? Then let’s make my smile a bit brighter – with Colgate or Blendax? Quickly style my hair – with L’Oreal or Wella? Jesus! Look at the state of my washbasin, definitely have to clean it up – with Viss or Domestos? Horrible weather outside, don’t forget the facial tissue – from Softies or Tempo? That was just about an hour, with a few of the brand decisions that we are forced to make in our everyday life. Why do people choose certain brands?
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