Engaging Workshops

09 Feb 2007|Darrel Rhea

We have all been part of great workshops, work sessions, meetings, and presentations. We were discussing what the “design principles” are for creating a satisfying experience for a workshop.

My personal experience suggests that the best sessions move beyond cognitively sensible presentations of abstract ideas….to an experience that is personal, emotionally engaging, active and conversational. I’m bored when I am just an observer or participant in someone else’s gig. I start caring when I take responsibility as an author to the solution, when I start experimenting and prototyping, and when I engage in dialogue about it.

This is why meetings and presentations disguising as work sessions fall flat. They shouldn’t be about us showing off and getting intellectual acceptance of our ideas. It is about our clients doing the heavy lifting, using the insights we provide and applying their creativity. That is a huge paradigm shift for many of us in the design, research and consulting worlds. It means that it is about facilitating others, not what we produce but what they produce with our insights.

And that is a performance art.

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