It happens once every 600 years

20 Feb 2007|Terri Ducay

Today, February 18, 2007 is the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is reported that as many as 1.3 billion people in China will usher in the Year of the Boar. As a consequence millions of migrate workers who work in the major cities will travel back to their rural hometown for a week of holiday. Some have described this as one of the world’s biggest human migrations. It is also estimated that nearly 14 billion text messages will be sent during this time.

This is not only the Year of the Boar, but 2007 is the year of the ‘golden boar’ which only happens once every 600 years. It is considered one of the most prosperous and favorable years in the Chinese zodiac. No doubt this will bring a boom in babies born as those who are born this year are said to have the luck to become very wealthy.

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