Branding for Good: The Paris Event

28 Apr 2007|Added Value

Branding for Good: Reconciling profitability with responsibility’

In April of 2007, Added Value France ran a half day conference to address several key questions raised amongst french clients:

Is the focus on ethical consumption a passing fad or a fundamental shift?

Will it change the preferences and behaviours of consumers?

What impact should this have on brands’ marketing strategies?

The event, run by Leslie Pascaud, Added Value’s Director of Responsible Marketing, was attended by over 100 clients, NGO’s and journalists from 45 different institutions.  Added Value presented key findings from an exclusive study on the attitudes and behaviours of french consumers with regard to ethical consumption and responsible brands. ‘Best in practice’ examples of brands that have succeeded in using sustainability as a springboard for growth were shared as well as several examples of approaches to be avoided at all cost. 

Guest speakers included:

Marie Laure Vaganay,
External Relations Procter & Gamble France
The launch of Ariel Actif à Froid
Helping consumers to save energy and money

Dr. Mary McKinley,
Professor, ESCEM
Green Marketing for today’s generation

Dominique Royet,
Development Director WWF
The benefits of partnerships between business and NGO’s

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