Top semiotics analyst to speak at SAMRA

30 Apr 2007|Added Value

Dr. Inka Crosswaite, semiotics analyst for marketing insight company Added Value, has been invited to present her paper, Socio-Semiotics; Exploring the Social Life of Brands, as one of the speakers at this year’s SAMRA Conference.

Semiotics is a relatively new field of analysis in market research in South Africa. At its most basic, semiotics is the analysis of the unconscious cultural signs and signals we “read” every day. Particularly useful in packaging, communications, cultural decoding and trend work, semiotics is rapidly being embraced by marketers across categories.

Dr. Crosswaite, whose groundbreaking work at Added Value focuses on commercial semiotics analysis in the context of marketing insight and brand development, will offer a view on the latest in applied semiotic thinking. Her presentation explores not only the practical application of semiotics in general, but how semiotic approaches can be adopted to explore both brand communication and the socio-cultural spaces brands inhabit.

The paper, which looks at the natural links between semiotics and the core methods of social anthropology, will offer a valuable and rare insight into this pioneering marketing research tool.

The 2007 SAMRA Conference, which will be held at the Spier Wine Estate on the 24th and 25th of May, is recognized as a key South African stage for innovation and exploration in the field of Market Research and Insight. It aims to bring together researchers, research users and marketers from all over Southern Africa with the goal of growing and improving marketing research in the region.

For more information or to make a booking for the Conference contact Kerry Oliver on (011) 326 2881 or at or visit

For a copy of the paper contact Kate Wolters.

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