Branding for Good News - Issue 1

01 May 2007|Added Value


Welcome to Issue 1 of News – Added Value’s new monthly newsletter focused exclusively on ethical marketing: the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

Climate Change Takes Centre Stage
Climate change is being escalated up the political and consumer agenda. But, from Added Value proprietary research, we know that consumers feel that business, as much as government, dictate the rules and as such, are equally accountable for climate change.  Has the Climate Change Bill (UK) stopped short of consumer expectations?  Should businesses be doing more?  Read more & join the debate …
The Expert’s View: Carbon Labeling
This month the Carbon Trust launched  their ‘Carbon Reduction Label’ attracting brands such as Walkers, Boots and Innocent to be involved in the trial to raise consumer awareness  of carbon emissions. Mallen Baker, Development Director of Business in the Community gives us his view. Read more ….

Eco Innovations

Our pick of the most ingenious products from around the world.  Take a look …

And finally … did you know that only 50% of our carbon emissions go into the atmosphere?  25% sinks into the oceans and the other 25% is absorbed into the rainforests.  Yet another reason to protect the rainforest!
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