Microsoft: Supporting Growth - From Servers to Surface

26 May 2007|Added Value

From flagship products like Windows and Office to new products like Surface and Zune, Cheskin has been contributing to Microsoft’s growth since 1990.

The relationship that we’ve cultivated has been rewarding for both companies, enabling mutual business growth and great friendships along the way.

Cheskin’s broad perspective across vertical markets provides a valuable “big picture” view to our Microsoft clients. Our work across all of Microsoft’s business groups helps us to leverage knowledge from around the company, and to connect people working on similar initiatives when appropriate. Our experience with key Microsoft audiences has given us strong expertise in knowing Microsoft’s customers, and how they are changing. Our understanding of Microsoft’s fast moving and dynamic culture enable us to deliver results that are easily understood and acted upon by our Microsoft clients.

Microsoft business groups we’ve have the pleasure to work with include:

  • Platform Products and Services Division: Includes the Windows Client Group, the Server & Tools Group, and the Online Services Group
  • Business Division: Includes the Information Worker Group, the Microsoft Business Solutions Group, and the Unified Communications Group
  • Entertainment and Devices Division: Includes the Home & Entertainment Group and the Mobile & Embedded Devices Group

Here are just a few examples of the product lines we’ve contributed to:

  • Microsoft Office – from original Office to Office Live and Office Communicator
  • Microsoft Unified Communications –, adoption, purchase process, concept value  testing and positioning as UC grew from an incubation project to a busness group
  • Online Services Group- market opportunity assessment, habits and practices, concept value testing, positioning, messaging, naming from MSN to Windows Live
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile – habits and practices, concept value testing, positioning, messaging and naming for Pocket PC, and Smartphone
  • Microsoft OneNote – concept value testing, positioning and beta testing the product at Cheskin, where we came to love it
  • Surface – market opportunity assessment, concept value testing, positioning and naming
  • Xbox – concept value and design research
  • Zune – market opportunity assessments, concept value testing and positioning
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