Global Market Bias: Brand Extendibility

27 May 2007|Added Value

In the world’s most extensive survey of international and regional brands, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Microsoft top the list as the most recognized brands worldwide. But Sony, LG and Wal-Mart are first among a group of newcomers topping the “Brand Extendibility” global ranking, which identifies a brand’s ability to enter new markets and add new products to its portfolio.

The survey, which interviewed over 13,000 people in 17 countries, also found that despite long-held historical and cultural biases, consumers across the globe are starting to see the world in a uniform way.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Additional insights include:

  • Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Microsoft topped the list of the world’s most recognized brands with 95 percent global consumer awareness.
  • Sony, LG and Wal-Mart topped the extendibility index. Consumers gave Wal-Mart wide latitude by supporting the company in nearly every category, including computers/sofware, hotels and kitchen appliances. At the same time, consumers across many borders expressed interest in LG stores, while South Koreans showed specific interest in LG credit cards, athletic wear and an airline.
  • More than half of all consumers surveyed prefer global brands across a variety of different product categories, including computers/software, athletic wear, consumer electronics and automobiles. Latin Americans and Europeans showed a preference for all things global and Americans and Asians split over the preference for global and local brands. Younger consumers preferred global brands more than older consumers.

The survey was conducted jointly by Cheskin, global on-line customer insight company MSI-ITM, and CMCD Visual Symbols Library.

Global Market Bias: Brand Extendibility

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