BfG News Issue 2 - Eco Innovations

02 Jun 2007|Added Value

 Ultraviolet light Washing Machine:  Ok, so this is still just a design concept from the labs at Electrolux, but the KaionWave uses free radical oxygen and ultraviolet-C light to break down the dirt on your clothes, using no water or detergent whatsoever.

  Spin ‘N’ Snap CameraSony has unveiled a brave collection of concept devices that never need recharging. The ‘Odo’ concepts, on display in Japan, are all made of recycled plastic and include digital video cameras and stereo headphones. 

Unplug your ChargerNokia have released a new feature to alert users to unplug their phone from the charger once the battery is full, saving valuable energy, as phone chargers waste power when they remain plugged in. A great example of technology helping to alter consumer behaviour.  Check out the Unpluggit Campaign



  Solar WiFi  – coming to a park near you?   St. Louis Park, Minnesota is to be the first in the US to receive solar-powered, wireless Internet service. The proposal includes painting the 400 odd poles required to site the solar units – brown – to blend in with the trees…

  So how can you green your electronics?  Our friends at have pulled together a ‘Top 10 Tips’ guide to help you on your way to a greener technology life…

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