Branding for Good News - Issue 3

03 Jul 2007|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_3(1)     Welcome to Issue 3 of  News,  Added Value’s monthly newsletter on ethical marketing.

This month’s headlines were dominated once again with news on key events that will have a knock on affect in the fight against Climate Change. The climate deal agreed by leaders of the G8 nations in Heiligendamm  to seek substantial cuts vs any firm commitment in emissions received mixed reactions from environmental campaigners. Whilst here in the UK, Gordon Brown takes his place as new Prime Minister, with a cabinet shake up.  There are high expectations this will drive more actions to address climate change issues, particularly at a time when the UK is experiencing record rainfall and extreme flooding.

The rain was no surprise for die hard Glastonbury festival goers who battled the traditional mud bath – Greenpeace reported over 70,000 signed up to the “I Count” campaign to stop climate chaos. This weekend we witnessed the 7-continent, 24 hour “Live Earth”  concerts where millions engaged to combat the climate crisis. Our sister company, Lightspeed Research, in conjunction with the Ethical Reputation Index, conducted consumer research that revealed how different fans are in their attitudes and actions towards climate change.

The rise of the 3R’s on the marketing agenda
For most businesses, and most marketers, the issue of how to tackle climate change is still a difficult challenge to crack. Actually, there’s a very simple place to start – it’s just about a change of perspective which could lead to clear differentiation and an enviable competitive advantage.  Read more …

The Expert’s View:  Sustainable Packaging strategy
Co-operation, understanding and collaboration are key areas that need to be considered when setting off on a sustainability strategy as changes must be inclusive if they are to have ethical credibility.   We asked Charlotte Henderson, Retailer Initiative Manager for WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) for her view.  Read more…

Eco Innovations
Niche players and big brands innovating around the world.  Take a look …

Our debate last month asked what internal measures were being taken by your company to implement their CSR policy.  Little was mentioned on the option of offsetting which we’ll explore in more detail next month.  Tell us what you think and join our debate…

Our  Branding for Good client marketing summit will be held on 6th March next year.  “Green 2.0 – Avoid the Greenwash” with keynote speaker Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP.  Click here to purchase CD-Rom of the day

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